Sky Ocean Rescue Cafe


In Dec 2019 we relaunched the Sky Ocean Rescue Café to showcase the work Sky does to tackle the use of single use plastics. Opened by the #PassOnPlastic campaign supporter and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp, it’s made up of a series of immersive installations to inspire others to change their everyday plastic use habits. From the offset we made a promise: no new plastics, no PVC vinyl, sustainable printing, and every item had to tell a story. This project, who we teamed up with Sky creative Agency to produce, sits at the heart of our philosophy for creating more environmentally responsible campaigns.
THE CORAL COUNTER: Using 3-D printing with 100 per cent recycled plastics from industrial waste and salvaged plastic, the counter shines the spotlight on the fact that coral is home to 25 per cent of marine life and is under serious threat.
PLASTIC PILLARS: Each of the five pillars were designed to spark conversation and demonstrate the devastating effects of the five most common single-use plastics: water bottles, coffee cups, plastic bags, plastic cutlery/cling film and plastic straws, which each contribute to the quarter of a tonne of plastic that enters our oceans every second.
SOLUTIONS AREA: Showcasing innovations in Sky's reusable bottle range and from partners through the Sky Ocean Ventures fund, the area shares inspirational and ground-breaking solutions to the single-use plastic crisis.
TABLE COLLARS: 3-D printed table sleeves were created from discarded plastic fishing nets and told stories of how the café was created and the purpose behind each carefully designed element.
PLEDGE AREA: Encouraged staff and visitors to make their own personal commitment to reduce single-use plastic.
THE REACTION: The cafe has gleened much positive attention from staff, visitors and the UK press. Its become a focal point at Sky HQ where people can learn more about sustainablity whilst relaxing or meeting.
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