In this crisis rich world, there is no excuse for irresponsible choices in experiential production. Be More Octopus is our philosophy and approach that we hope will act as inspiration for people to seek out sustainable materials and production methods in their creative thinking.
Together with our production partner Beautiful Wonder - the first established sustainable experiential production service, we work to some simple guidelines. We seek out sustainable materials, aim to give deliverables an afterlife and create builds that can be mostly recycled in a bid to be carbon neutral and create zero waste.
We launched Be More Octopus at the London Design Festival 2020, with an exhibit hosted at Frank Ison Space, to showcase our sustainable approach to the creative industry, whilst engaging guests with a surprise deep sea AR experience. All parts of the exhibit were created from sustainable sources and upcycled post event to ensure waste was negated. Wall graphics become tote bags and face masks, whilst the 3D printed coral reef (made from recycled plastic) went to a marine centre where it will be embedded into the aquarium for the marine life to enjoy.
The exhibit adhered to COVID regulations and managed to engage with around 300 guests over a 4 day period. Our guests all left with a VIP experience, some 3D printed coral from ocean salvaged plastic, and an insight into how to Be More Octopus.
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