London Design Festival

Be adaptable. Be ingenious. Be compassionate. After creating the Sky Ocean Rescue Café - the UK’s first café made completely from recycled and ocean sourced materials, we learned, adapted and put sustainability at the heart of our experiential and environmental creative thinking.
Our exhibit, hosted at Frank Ison Space, a beautifully restored Victorian Ironmongery in the heart of Walthamstow Village, showcased our sustainable approach to environmental design, whilst engaging guests with a surprise deep sea AR experience. All parts of the exhibit were created from sustainable sources and upcycled post event to ensure waste was negated. Wall graphics become tote bags and face masks, whilst the 3D printed coral reef (made from recycled plastic) is going to a marine centre where it will be embedded into the aquarium for the marine life to enjoy.
In this crisis rich world, there is no excuse for irresponsible approaches to production. We hope that Be More Octopus acts as an inspiration for people to seek out sustainable materials and production methods in their creative thinking.
To realise the Sky Ocean Rescue café and the LDF exhibit, we worked with our production partner Beautiful Wonder, who are the first established sustainable experiential production service.
Be More Octopus was open 12th-15th September and over the 4 days we showed 300+ guests around in four person covid secure bubbles. Thanks if you managed to make it down!
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